G Loomis IMX Pro Bass Spinning Rod Model 12589 01 $335.00 The G.oomis IMX Pro Bass Spinning Rod uses a proprietary IMX Pro blank technology for a rod that's up to 15%ighter over standard IMX rods, with improved strength. Strategic scrim placement allows G.oomis to create specific tapers, tailored to s

Loomis to create specific tapers tailored to specialized fishing techniques. Loomis IMX Surf Spinning gives surf fisherman two important assets power and durability. Foot medium power and S BJR foot medium heavy power casting rods. Responsiveness and sensitivity for finesse techniques the G.

Here the lure action is monitored by watching the tip wiggle as the lure digs for the bottom. Loomis IMX Pro Spinning is built with an entirely new blend of high modulus high performance material that helps to reduce weight without sacrificing anything in power. The IMX PRO Casting CR Series is a set of six foot rods that mimic our original bass rods from the very beginning of G. These rods have full cork grips with fast actions for fishing virtually any style of bait but primarily for topwaters. Loomis IMX Hot Shot Spinning has technique specific features for fishing steelhead plugs like the Hot Shot.

Loomis introduces two IMX PRO foot inch casting rods optimized for the application. G Loomis IMX PRO Bass Spinning Rods Designed to provide competitive anglers with a fully comprehensive offering of high performance technique specific rods the IMX PRO Bass Rods take the renowned IMX series of rods to new heights. Loomis offers the fast action C BJR foot medium power and S BJR foot medium heavy power casting rods.

Magnum butt sections set the hook by the force of the strike as fish this technique from holders. Extremely powerful high modulus blanks ranging from to 11 are designed specifically for long range casts with 1 to ounce baits.

Loomis popping fishing has a soft tip that allows bait to land quietly even on long casts. Loomis IMX Classic Popping Spinning is known by anglers to be exceptionally good for fishing soft plastics and small jigs for bonefish small snook and other flats regulars.

For ledge fishing aficionados G.

Strategic scrim placement allows G Bomber Lures Long A Walleye Crankbait Blue Diamond 12 Oz.

Loomis IMX Pro Bass Spinning is built a proprietary IMX Pro blank thats up to 1 lighter over standard IMX rods with improved strength. Bladed jigs are one of the hottest techniques these days for bass and within the IMX PRO series G.

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